Take The Internet Marketing Challenge

Do you have 60 seconds to find out how you rate with your Internet Marketing? There are 25 questions that will tell you how you scored in 4 essential categories if you want to increase your revenue:

1. New Prospect/New Patient Acquisition
2. Technology
3. Marketing and Sales
4. Website Marketing Process

Your results will be calculated instantly...

  1. 01.Do you have a website?
  2. 02. Do you have all of your contact information on your website that is easily viewable for your visitors (phone number, fax , e-mail, and street address)?
  3. 03. Do you have all the email addresses of your existing patients, inactive and prospective patients?
  4. 04. Do you have an e-mail capture system on the top right of your home page of your website?
  5. 05. Do you have a colored arrow pointing to the email capture system?
  6. 06. Does your email capture function appear on each page of your site?
  7. 07. Do you know the percentage of visitors who give you their email address?
  8. 08. Do you have a double opt-in process with your email capture function?
  9. 09. Do you offer any free information/bonus/incentives in exchange for your visitors email address?
  10. 10. Does your system generate an automated email sequence to patients and prospects?
  11. 11. For those visitors that give you their email address do you have a weekly follow-up sequence of emails that provide information and makes offers to your patients and prospects?
  12. 12. When you send emails to your Patients/Prospects do you send them in both HTML and plain text format?