Social Media Internet Marketing Services

If you own a website and want to connect with a potential 1 billion users on a daily basis social media Internet marketing is strategy that you want to get involved with.

What Is Social Media Internet Marketing?

Before we can answer the question of what is social media Internet marketing we have to explain what Social Media actually is. To put it simply, social media websites are Internet-based applications that allow the creation and the exchange of user-generated content. Where do we find such content? You guessed it. On websites like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Flickr, Linkedin and more recently the newly launched social media site Google+. This is just to name a few.

According to Wikipedia there are thousands of Social media websites available for business owners to take advantage of.

But what does social media have to do with my website and how will they help you generate money? The answer is pretty simple. It’s called Sharing.  People like sharing content that they feel is interesting to themselves, to their friends and co-workers and to their families.

As of the writing of this page, Facebook boasts of having over 800 million users. According to some sources Twitter has over 175 million users and Google’s new social networking site has, in such a short time grown to over 25 million users.

So what does Instant Marketing Systems do for you with respect to Social Media? Quite a bit. For starters we ensure that you are registered at the most popular social media websites representing your brand name. At first thought you may say to yourself “so how is that going to help my business?” Here are some facts:

  • Google and other major search engines crawl and index the business pages of social media websites and display them – based on keyword searches – in the search results for potential customers (people searching your products or services)
  • people actually search within social media websites for products and services and this trend is growing exponentially every single day
  • in any given day there are hundreds of millions of social media shares going on. That means people like you and me are finding useful content on these social sites and sharing the content with their friends and families
  • content that is shared via social media websites now actually contribute to the positive effect of search engines optimization.  In other words, if Google finds you content is being shared and “Liked”, Bookmarked or Tweeted, they believe your content is good enough to display in the search results.

Is your content on social media websites? Your competitors are and so they’re getting the shares of their content and thus getting the money that should be in your pocket.

The point is, you need to be where the users are – where they’re searching and where they’re interacting with their friends. If they like your content, so with their friends – and their friends – I think you understand what I’m trying to say.

But that’s not all. I know you were hoping you could just jump in today and start making more money with your website, but the use of a strategically designed website, the art of Search Engine Optimization and of course Social Media, but there’s one more facet of Internet Marketing that just cannot be ignored.

Read on to discover the final key in the game – good old Email Marketing Services.