On-Line C.E. Course Tomorrow Evening

Have you taken any Continuing Education courses that have helped you to provide a new service or improve an existing one that actually helps increase your income?  Well here’s one that can actually do that! Successful Doctors know the value of being able to market your services on the internet, both to prospective patients and… read more »

How to Cash in Sending Emails?

I would like to ask you 2 very important questions: What is your preferred method of getting and receiving information? Do you make more phone calls or send more emails in a day? The obvious answer to the first questions is through your PC or mobile device hooked up to the INTERNET and I’ll bet… read more »

FREE Webinar Reveals “How To Use Emails To Grow Your Practice!”

What would it mean to you if just 5% of your patients came in for one extra visit, one procedure like Teeth Whitening, Mouthguards, Snoreguards, Implants or any of the other services you provide including a routine cleaning?  How much more would your annual billing increase if 1 out of 10 of your patients did… read more »

Implement the System for Website Conversions

In one of my last articles, I talked about whether having a good looking website “Design” would get you more new patients than having a website “Design” that is secondary to and built around the “Marketing Processes”. Implementing solid marketing techniques, strategies and systems is a SYSTEM and here are the foundations of that system…. read more »

The Chicken & Egg Question & Your Website

We all remember being asked the question,”Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”  I don’t think there ever was a definitive answer to that question, but the premise of the question is relevant to your website. Recently, in talking to a number of prospective clients, one concern that keeps coming up centers around “Website… read more »

Google’s New Privacy Policy Is Here – And It Matters This Time

If you’re in the business of Internet marketing, I’m sure you’ve heard the latest news about Google’s new privacy policy but if you’re busy at work or with your family, you probably haven’t. To make a long story short, (in the same way Google has with their new policy) Google has consolidated around 60 different… read more »

SOPA and PIPA Everything You Need to Know

In case you were in a coma and have just woke up, you’re probably wondering why you couldn’t access some websites yesterday.  Wikipedia’s website looked like this:   The cause of this protest is the proposed SOPA and PIPA internet “piracy” bills. This will not probably not affect your website directly, but the long term… read more »

Lessons From The Movie Moneyball

My wife and I watched the Movie “Moneyball” last night.  You’re probably asking yourself what does the movie “Moneyball” have to do with my Business! And the answer is A LOT! You probably know that the movie is about the Oakland Athletics baseball team that made the playoffs and then lost its top 3 players… read more »

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