Internet Marketing Challenge

Do you have 60 seconds to determine how your business rates in terms of Internet Marketing? Take our Internet Marketing Challenge and you will learn how your business measures up in four essential online marketing strategies. Please enter your contact information at the end of this survey so that we may contact you to provide you with a FREE consultation that will assist you in excelling in these four strategies;

1. Customer Acquisition Systems
2. Use of current Online Marketing Technology
3. Sales and Marketing Management
4. Social Networking Engagement

Your results will be calculated instantly and e-mailed to the address you provide.

1 Does your website have a tracking system so you know how many people contacted you through your website, whether by phone or e-mail so you know how many new clients you got through your site?
2 Does your website include all contact information for your visitors on the front page without the visitor having to scroll down? (i.e. telephone number, e-mail, business address)
3 Does your website include an e-mail capture system and is visible throughout the website?
4 Do you maintain a database of inactive and prospective customers?
5 Do you review your online marketing reports and adjust your sales/marketing strategies based on this data?
6 Do you provide your visitors with free information, a bonus offer or incentives in exchange for their contact information?
7 Does your business stay in constant contact with your customer base through e-mail?
8 When you send e-mail to your customers or prospects, do you send information that is relevant, informative and fun for the e-mail recipient?
9 Is your website programmed to adjust the website content so it is readable on any mobile device?
10 Does your website appear on the first page of Google when visitors type in keywords for services or products they need to solve their problems?
11 Do you gather customer reviews/testimonials and post them on your website?
12 Do you have Social Networking Pages? (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus)
13 Do you update or engage your customers regularly within social networks?
14 Does your website include links to your social networking pages throughout the website in a highly visible and accessible location for your visitors?
15 Do you have a marketing plan for your online marketing advertising and social networking strategies?
16 Do you utilize videos or presentations on your website to market to your prospects and customers online?

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